9: The Constancy of Leadership

a never ending task...

The never-ending task

You will never finish looking after your team. Just when you think that the plan is clear, the team is functioning well and customers are behaving, a curve ball will drop in your lap and it is most likely that it will be a people related challenge. Accept that your team are your most valuable asset and that the business cannot function without them.

Your tasks will be delayed

There will be days when you will not have crossed any item off your to-do list. Don’t stress about this if you have spent your day ensuring that your team members are motivated and enthused. And always remember to delegate whenever you can and should.

Management by walking about

Don’t underestimate the positive power of being seen in the workplace / shop-floor. The time you spend connecting with team members, showing interest and concern in their daily activities will repay you over and over. I would spend time in the sales office, not to check up on the team, but to listen and hear the challenges that customers were presenting and to make sure that the team had the necessary knowledge and tools they needed.

All the soft skills

Effective leadership is never about you. It’s always about the other person. How do you motivate that person to perform at their optimum? Believe that your most potent management tool is your personality. I have mentioned this in previous notes.

Your ability to be human, show emotion (within reason and when appropriate) and engage with your team members as a person will generate greater respect and dedication than any amount of team-building, training and Christmas parties (although all these things have their place).

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