2: Communication

When 'they' just don't get it...

If the ‘they’ are members of your team and the ‘it’ is the strategy or initiative, then I’m afraid the fault is yours and not theirs. When you balance the speed with which we can encode, transmit and then decode the spoken word against the time we take to consider the following points, it’s no surprise that we sometimes mix the message, corrupt the communication and fail to engage the audience.

Give some thought to:

  • What is my motive for communicating?
  • What is the content that I want to share?
  • Who is my audience and how might they react to the message?
  • Am I the right person to deliver the message?
  • When is the most appropriate time to do this, considering the content of the message?
  • What is the best method or channel to use to convey the message?
  • How can I generate feedback?

Imagine that you are standing in the audience and it will help you to answer the above. If the message is not the most positive, don’t put off sharing it or decide that an email is the best method to use; best for you or best for your audience?

We live in a time of flex and change and many businesses will have to adapt to shifts in the market or in customer behaviour. Your employees are aware of this from the 24/7 media environment that surrounds us, so it is much better to keep your teams informed rather than let rumours start, as the rumours will paint a much darker picture that you would.

If you recall the previous management note in which we talked about the value of investing in your key people, it is these key team members who might be the first to jump ship precisely because they don’t know exactly how the firm is competing / performing and the grass often looks greener over the fence.

So, when you have answered the above, also bear in mind the you will have to be consistent in the language and tone that you use to deliver the message; repeat the message to ensure everyone understands and do ask for feedback to make sure that ‘they’ decoded the message correctly.

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