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Executive Coaching can produce a return on investment of 570%...
Johnson 2004

“Running a business can be rewarding and sometimes a lonely place. I was looking for a business coach who could support me through the good and bad times. Nick has been a constant source of inspiration and a stable platform for me to rely on. I cannot recommend him enough. Having someone to share ideas and ask questions is so important.”

Darren Crockett

"If we could achieve but half of that of which we dream, we would be mighty"

If we acknowledge that the key asset of any business is its people and it is these team members who own the internal and external customer and supplier relationships then the decision to invest in their ability to perform, enjoyably, at their best is easily made.

Let’s be honest, the ultimate goal of any investment is a return, be that in increased productivity, improved communication and co-operation, or a greater degree of involvement and engagement. All of these elements can build towards a more positive culture being evident in the business. Effective ececutive support.

As the focus upon more healthy working environments sharpens, a desire to understand the purpose before the profit becomes more prevalent and rumours of a skills shortage gain momentum, why wouldn’t you invest in yourself and in the staff that you fought to secure in the first place?

executive support process

As you scroll down, you’ll find details of specific services and an explanation of how I engage, but to be honest whether the title is Coach, Mentor or Non-Exec Director doesn’t really alter the engagement with you and your business as my approach will flex depending upon the scenario, the personality involved and the challenges that we are faced with.

The agreed difference between Coaching and Mentoring is that Coaching tends to involve the sharing of experience / expertise to allow the Coachee to develop new skills, increased performance and confidence, whereas Mentoring tends to be the meeting of minds and the pooling of expertise and can be a deeper, more long-term relationship. Both activities should have a set of objectives.

Your decision to seek objective, experienced commercial support is driven by a need to progress, achieve an objective or remove a challenge and only once I understand the issues can we agree the best way forward.

While I can talk about clients who have achieved great results such as greater engagement, improved communication, completing a sale or doubling their turnover, I would ask you to read their testimonials as their words are proof of my effectiveness.

To close, if you are struggling with multiple issues and cannot seem to make a start on resolving any of them, perhaps I can buy you a coffee and we’ll see if two brains are better than one?

Ignoring planning will cost you time and money

There are no excuses for not developing a business plan. Which in its simplest format lays out the Why, the How and the What.
Now if you understand the power and the value that an engaged, motivated team can create you will involve as many of your colleagues and teams as possible. Which might look like this:

  • Inspire = share your ambition, goal, motivation
  • Involve = allow others to contribute and refine the ambition
  • Engage = create the map that shows how each person fits into the plan
  • Grow = press start; check; monitor; review; change; go again.

It’s important to establish who is accountable for what and where the boundaries lie between individuals and teams. As a leader, one of the attributes that you need to develop is credibility. While complex in some ways, ensuring that you are consistent in your behaviour and communication by taking the time to master and understand what drives and influences you will result in positive outcomes.

Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is a nightmare – executive support

Executive Coaching

Providing a structured framework that involves the process of listening, questioning, summarising and reflecting with and for a coachee within a safe environment in which the coachee can explore challenges and develop options to improve.

In the Corporate sector coaching can be a three-way engagement that includes the coachee, their sponsor and the coach. In this scenario, the coach will balance the objectives of all parties but will always have the best interests of the coachee in mind. In essence coaching is a sharing of skills, experience and learning, blending theory and linking that to real world challenges with the goal of developing the thinking, knowledge and understanding of the coachee. It is normal to agree in advance the number of sessions that will be delivered and identify a clear set of objectives.

  • Improve self-awareness
  • Increase motivation
  • Clarity in purpose

“After listening to a lecture given by Nick, I hired him to run a strategic review within my company. Nick coped very well with the wide range of capabilities in the room, the family politics and the inertia to change that he encountered. His communication skills are excellent and he quickly won the support and trust of all involved. As a result of Nick’s contribution, we had discussions that were more productive and less emotional than ever before. I would recommend Nick unreservedly”. Tom Barnes


Providing a safe and trusted environment in which the mentee can share both successes and setbacks. Mentoring tends to be a 1:1 relationship, focused on the needs of the mentee. The mentor needs to develop an understanding of and an empathy with both the commercial and domestic environment in which the mentee lives in order to be able to allow the mentee to find a degree of balance.

Mentoring can involve more and less experienced mentees. I tend to mentor more experienced Directors and Managing Directors, acting as an advisor, sharing expertise and experiences to manage the challenges of running, growing and balancing a team and a business.

  • Positive challenge
  • Guidance
  • Advice

“Nick has advised our Board for several years now during which time we have seen our business triple in size. Nick has been invaluable in advising on all growth issues relating to our business from strategy to tactical planning and I would have no hesitation in recommending Nick to any business with high growth potential or challenges”. Dan Watts

Non-Executive Director

Using my commercial and coaching experience, working with management groups and Boards to provide an objective view to enable the team to maintain a strategic outlook while operating in a safe and ethical manner and providing the focus upon the detail of the day to day commercial operation.

“Nick has worked with me and my firm, Mogers Drewett, in the capacity of Non-Executive Chairman. This involved chairing partner meetings, but also meeting with me monthly to provide a strategic review, advice, guidance and mentoring. I have found Nick’s contribution crucial in helping me to grow the firm and change the culture and attitude of some of the business owners. He is a confidential sounding board but does not dictate, allowing me to work through any issues myself and determining my own conclusions. His questioning is always challenging but not overly aggressive, he wants to help me to help the business progress but without carrying the ego that some Non-Executives bring with them”. Steven Treharne

Interim Managing Director

During periods of great upheaval such as a Merger, Acquisition or a change of leadership when an owner steps aside an experienced, steadying hand is often utilised to provide direction, support and security to team members and clients.

Usually working on a fixed term contract, I take the role of Managing Director and focus upon either preparing the business and personnel for a period of change or settling the business into a new environment following a time of change.

From someone who has ‘been around the block’ a few times – There is something I must say; the short time that you were my Boss I found you inspirational and motivational. I respect you greatly and wish you continued success in your career”. Georgina Herbert

Skills Development

Sometimes before an individual or team can progress, there is a need to develop specific skills or learning. Given that intensive ‘training’ does not deliver consistent behavioural change, I utilise a series of workshops that are scheduled to allow the delegates to manage their daily tasks and also practice the new learning between workshops.

Example topics:

  • Effective Leadership: Leading Change / Culture & Teams / Your reflection
  • Strategy Development: What / How / When / Who
  • Strategic Marketing: Positioning / Customers / Channels / Measurement
  • Leadership Foundation Programme: Blending theory & real world challenges

“It was an excellent exercise to go through, not only was it good for us in terms of team building, it really helped us focus our thoughts and efforts. A very BIG thank you. You have such a lovely manner and way about you, I really took a lot from our sessions”. Carole Bishop

Management Notes

These notes are a series of best practices guidelines that I have developed over the years covering topics such as Leadership, Branding and Strategic Planning.

I hope that they will provide some insight for you.

Executive Suppers

I remain of the view that ‘none of us is smarter than all of us’ (as someone famous once said) so I set up a series of suppers to allow MDs and business owners to share issues of the day and support each other. 

Executive Suppers provides the platform for business owners to share experiences and common goals and challenges in a confidential environment whilst enjoying great food.

  • Suppers will take place in private dining rooms in interesting venues
  • Venues will be around Bristol, Bath, Swindon and Cardiff
  • Attendees will share / discuss challenges and possible solutions
  • Just pay for a flat fee for the evening: No membership dues, no consultants, no selling
  • Frequency: Every 12 weeks
  • Duration: 3 hours max. Start time c18:30
Who am I and what do I do?

When you work with me, you will adapt your thinking, your focus and develop your behaviours. You will be forever changed and will see and feel the difference that you can create.

Who am I?

From very small beginnings in the family pet food business, I spent over twenty years with global and National companies in various sectors and in various roles in sales, marketing and process improvement. Since 2007, I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with many aspirational businesses. I have been privy to the challenges and obstacles faced by organisations in most industry sectors and at all stages of growth.

  • Experience in international business change, leadership development, strategic planning, account management and marketing with Forte / Whitbread / Hilton.
  • Operated in both start up and multi-million pound companies; run successful businesses and delivered as a management consultant and non-executive Director.
  • Experience across the Hotel, IT, Facilities, Commercial and Residential Property sectors.
  • ILM qualified coach and mentor / Group trainer / CIM Chartered marketer

My role is to play the ‘critical ally’ in order to enable individuals and teams to identify and drive positive change around a set of key goals and measures, supporting them through a blend of performance coaching, development workshops and / or 1:1 mentoring as appropriate. The benefit if executive support.

This role is a learning loop which allows me to understand and implement best practice across strategic development, effective leadership, business development and marketing planning.

As an objective voice that can challenge without being confrontational, I provide clarity and generate consensus on the goals, values and distinctive activities that contribute to the culture of the business and that will provide a sustainable competitive advantage to the organisation.

What do I do?

My focus is to listen to understand what is driving certain behaviour or creating stress in the individual and the organisation. From there my goal is to improve performance by understanding the challenges, concerns, aspirations and motivations and then working together towards aligning the commercial and personal objectives of the individual or team.

Specialist Skills

  • Leadership / Personal Mentoring
  • Performance Coaching
  • Strategic business planning
  • Team & Organisational development
  • Sales & marketing planning and execution
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