What Clients Say

"I just wanted to thank you for all your advice, insight and friendship over the years. You have played a significant part in helping us evolve from 'recessionary mode' to breaking through the £x million barrier and now to £x.x million as we are today. You've really steered us through countless decisions - some straightforward and others particularly tough - but always it's been enjoyable with a sense of fun, and I'll always be grateful for that."
Managing Partner
Executive Search
"Now the dust has settled on a very good year let me thank you for all of your input. Clearly you take a good chunk of the credit for 25% growth over two years. Your constructive and enthusiastic advice has been a breath of fresh air and it has kept me on track."
Managing Director
Timber Wholesale/Retail
"Your help and support to us all has been invaluable, and your guidance through many potential danger “zones” has ensured a successful sale."
Medical Manufacturing
"I think you will feel a little glow of personal satisfaction to learn that last week we received the annual award for Architect’s Practice of the Year! So, Nick another round of thanks from us all."
Managing Partner
Architects Practice
"Thank you, Nick, we have really valued having the benefit of your expertise. We are really feeling the benefit and know the process is going to benefit us enormously."
Head of Production
Film Company
"Nick was great to work with – engaging, bright, and perceptive. He was able to quickly grasp our business, our market, the idiosyncrasies of our sector, and the challenges we face."
Public Health Arts
"Your input with us and the team was great. The teamwork had improved radically as a result and we have a plan to work to that we are now reaping the benefits from."
Managing Director
"Running a business can be rewarding and sometimes a lonely place. I was looking for a business coach who could support me through the good and bad times. Nick Marsh has been a constant source of inspiration and a stable platform for me to rely on. I cannot recommend him enough. Having someone to share ideas and ask questions is so important."
Managing Director
Virtual Reality Agency
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