2: Capitalise the 'H' in Leadership

H2H - human to human interaction

In business we have become familiar with acronyms such as B2B & B2C and now I have been introduced to H2H. In essence, human to human interaction: between leaders and followers and buyers and sellers; based upon honesty, accountability, respect and trust.

Progressive companies are:

  • removing titles such as Managing Director and implementing a Director team
  • encouraging individuals and teams to pitch for funds rather than have set budgets
  • providing the opportunity for all team members to become a share-holder
  • developing self-managing teams

H2H continues the change of role for an effective leader from being in charge to becoming an essential support function who develops and coaches a raft of leaders across the business.

H2H also represents the ongoing shift in the mindset of the millennial generation workforce with whom the question of ‘purpose over profit’ is becoming more familiar.

By the end of 2020 millennials will form 75% of the global workforce, a visionary leader should be giving thought to what methods can be employed to increase interaction, adoption and engagement throughout their business.

The foundations of a clear vision, objectives and a live business plan still hold true but these are no longer solely the tools of the Boardroom but must now belong to all team members. Each team within the business forms one part of the jigsaw and needs to understand its accountabilities and how it interacts (fits) with the other teams (pieces).

Consider how H2H behaviour could impact upon these three areas of operation:

  • Recruitment & retention – how you will entice and retain the right people?
  • You and your leadership team – what behaviours must you develop / maintain?
  • Succession – your options – Trade sale / Employee Ownership Trust / Management Buy Out

If you’d like to understand more of the ‘how’, can I recommend a couple of great books:

Legacy, James Kerr: The distance from the sports field to the Boardroom is very short


Nine Lies about Work, Marcus Buckingham: Does your team own their purpose?


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